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Save time and money by outsourcing your data entry.

Arcevia Services' data entry service carries out all data entry work accurately at an affordable price. The database itself may be provided by your good selves or created here, whether it be a spreadsheet or Access database, etc.

The data may be on paper, on websites (involving information retrieval as well as data entry), in a digital file, in scanned images, etc. The information will be entered into a format of your choice.

Types of data may include:
  • catalogues;
  • manuals;
  • mailing lists;
  • application forms;
  • survey/research forms;
  • questionnaires;
  • company databases;
  • website product catalogues.
The formats in which the data may be delivered are:
  • Excel file;
  • Access file;
  • Word file;
  • pdf file;
  • text file;
  • comma separated values (CSV) file;
  • HTML;
or any other format of your choice (if possible, please contact to discuss).

Arcevia Services guarantee an accuracy of 99.9% using manual validation procedures. A robust, high-speed Internet connection is used, allowing a quick turnaround, especially if the information to be entered is found online.

With 10+ years' experience, the data entry is efficiently carried out by hand and all data is double-checked and proofread for accuracy. The data entry service may be used as stand-alone or part of a post-checking process for OCR or form capture.

Data Cleansing
Arcevia Services also carry out data cleansing. If you have a set of data that has been entered already, this may need checking for duplicate entries, misspellings, or other inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Arcevia Services will check the data, against the source if available, and correct it for you. Please use the contact form to discuss this further.

If you are looking to improve your current database to make it more efficient, Arcevia Services can redesign the existing database or create a new one at an affordable price.

If you don't have a database but require one, Arcevia Services will help you design one and develop it. If you already have a database but require a better design, Arcevia Services will take a look at the current database and make it more efficient for you to use, using normalisation techniques and restructuring, whilst preserving the existing data.

Please email for a quote or use the contact form here.

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