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To place an order for typing, please fill in this form. The submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted to confirm it.

There is the option to upload a document via this form, in which case the document will be typed into your choice of format immediately and returned to you via email.

Payment may also be made via the form if you already know what the number of words will be in the final document. Simply enter the word count and choose card payment. You will be redirected to a secure server on PayPal to enter your card details. Only cards may be used to pre-pay. Please note that you do not need to have an account with PayPal or sign up with them in order to pay by card.

If no payment is made using this method, an invoice will be sent via email after the typing is complete.

In the case of pre-payment by card, if after typing up the final document the word count differs from what was stated in the form, you will be charged or refunded the difference.

Payment must be made in full by card or bank transfer before the typed document can be sent.

For paper documents or other types of media, please send the material to:

Arcevia Services
80 Oakland Avenue

Please only use this form to place an order. For a quote please send details of your document and the type of service you require to

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For card and PayPal payment, please ensure the word count is entered below. PayPal is used for card payments but you don't need an account with PayPal to make one.

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Please enter the required format of the final document e.g. Word document.

Upload file:
Only .doc, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .ppt, .wps and images may be uploaded. Please only upload the file if its size is 2 MB or less. For all other file types and sizes, please email them separately.

Word count:
Please do not use characters other than numbers, e.g. spaces or commas, in this field. Please include all text to be typed in the word count. The word count will be checked after the text has been typed up.



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