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Established in 2004 in the UK, Arcevia Services is a small business that offers online services to clients in the UK and internationally. The aim is to provide high-quality, low-cost, reliable and efficient services to all clients with the utmost confidentiality and the best customer service. Arcevia Services is dedicated to providing ethical services and believe that the client's needs come first.

Even though four different services are offered, Arcevia Services ensure that 100% attention is given to all work, whatever the type of work and no matter how tight the deadline is to complete the work. The data entry service has been used by over 15 clients, including businesses (usually their marketing departments and those that require contact lists) and university students (surveys). Some of these are longer term and continue today.

The proofreading service has been used by over 145 clients, mainly international students but also businesses and website owners as well as charity organisations.

Over 30 clients have used the typing service, both businesses and individuals, with the work ranging from typing a whole hard copy book, reformatting and reorganising text in documents to printing out labels using a provided contact list.

Various clients have used the website maintenance service, ranging from recruitment agencies to music bands and bookstores.

Visit the testimonials page to see some of the positive feedback that has been received from clients who have used the services above.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please send an email to or use the contact page.


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