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Websites are constantly under construction to provide information that visitors want. This keeps visitors happy as they keep coming back to see new updates. Some companies are easily able to make those updates and retain their visitors.

However, there are companies that still remain unable to afford to update their website due to the cost or there are simply too many websites to update. This leaves the website with stagnant information and dwindling visitors. Updated content is what most search engines look for in listing websites in search results.

Arcevia Services will carry out updates and maintenance of the following nature:
  • removal of old content;
  • updates of existing pages;
  • new pages;
  • new articles;
  • new images;
  • regular news updates;
  • new products;
  • new events;
  • new website;
and more.

Whatever the update, the rate is £10 per hour. Regular updates are billed on a month-by-month basis.

If you need to add content to a new blank website, just provide the content as well as any layout/format details.

All updates are made using your existing login/ftp details. However, if you would not like to disclose the login/ftp details for your website, the pages that need updating may be sent via email, if possible. These will then be updated and sent back to you via email.

Whatever the update or nature of the website, Arcevia Services will carry out the work to your specification, accurately, efficiently and for a low fee.

Please email or use the form here for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

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